Delving into the blogosphere

I remember the first blog I ever had. I think I created it when I was about 10 (so that would be 8 years ago!). I didn’t even really know what a blog was, I think I just saw it as a kind of online diary and like the physical diaries I have tried to keep it probably lasted about a month. Since then I haven’t ever attempted to blog and hadn’t even really thought about starting another one until a few months ago.

I don’t really know where exactly the desire came from, I just know that the feeling of determination to have my own blog kept on building all that while. And you may be thinking ‘why didn’t you just start one when you first had the idea?’. And I can honestly say I wish that I had. I guess that I didn’t start one there and then because all the blogs I have ever visited have these beautiful and pristine themes with thousands of readers and payed content. And the way I saw it was that if my blog wasn’t like all these famous bloggers, then what was the point in doing it?

Evidently I changed my mind. I decided to ignore my preconceived ideas of what a blog was and just do it in the best way for me. A way where my blog can change and evolve as I do. Because those famous bloggers, just like me, had to figure things out on their own.



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