Things I am bringing with me to uni

Ah it’s that time of the year. Back to school. Or in my case back to university. Well I guess technically that is incorrect as I am going to be a fresher, but oh well it sounded good so it stays.

Just some background information on my accommodation:

  • It’s in a city
  • I’m in a flat with 5 other people
  • All the bedrooms are ensuite
  • It’s self-catered


  1. Cutlery (two forks, two knives, two tea spoons and two table spoons)
  2. Plates (two large plates and two side plates)
  3. Bowls (two)
  4. Frying pans and sauce pans (one large and one small of each) to be honest I think you would be fine with one but since I will be cooking all my meals from scratch and my gran gave me then set I decided on two of each))
  5. A sieve (Originally I was going to bring a colander because we have a spare one at home but I decided if I wanted to strain things like rice of spaghetti then I needed something with smaller holes)
  6. Cooking utensils (wooden spatula, wooden slotted spatula thing and two wooden spoons)
  7. Chopping board (wooden)
  8. Can opener
  9. Vegetable peeler
  10. Grater (I got one of those ones where the grater is attached to a tub which is so much easier than grating onto a plate)
  11. Mixing bowl with lid (So it can double as food storage)
  12. Food storage containers of various sizes (Useful to bring your own lunch and to store left overs, this will help you to save money by not forking out on expensive lunches out and not wasting food)
  13. Lemon juicer (probably unnecessary for most but I just thought they were cool)
  14. Knives (One sharp all-purpose knife and one bread knife)
  15. Knife sharpener (I like to cook so keeping my knives in tip top condition is a must for me)
  16. Spice jars (This is something you could just get when you are there, but I didn’t want to have to buy loads when I first arrive so I decided just to buy it now)
  17. Blender (I just got a cheap Breville one for my smoothies, but if it is not something you will use then don’t bring it!)
  18. Glasses (two)
  19. Chopsticks (I use them quite a lot at home, but again if you don’t use them often or don’t know how to use them then don’t bring them!)
  20. Tea towels
  21. Soy wax food wraps (These are an eco-friendly alternative to Clingfilm and tinfoil, they are just pieces of fabric coated in soy wax making them malleable)
  22. Baking tray (Great for making chips and other fun things)
  23. Three cookbooks (Great when I need some inspiration)


  1. Essential toiletries (Toothbrush, toothpaste, cleanser, moisturiser, deodorant etc.)
  2. Hairbrush, styling tools and products
  3. Hairbands and bobby pins
  4. Tooth brush holder (my bathroom doesn’t have any cupboard space)ösa-toothbrush-mug-dark-grey-art-90284952/
  5. Storage for toiletries etc. (like I said no cupboard space)
  6. Towels
  7. Over the door hooks (for towels etc.)


  1. Fairy lights (can make a house feel like home)
  2. Photos (Both in photo frames and not)
  3. Posters/artwork
  4. Duvet and pillows
  5. Bed sheet sets (two lots so I’ll always have sheets even when I’m doing laundry)äcka-quilt-cover-and-4-pillowcases-black-white-art-60261570/
  6. Two throws
  7. Throw pillows (to give an accent to the room)

  1. Small rug (Uni carpets are notorious for being peculiar colours)
  2. Single air bed and pump (So guests have something to lie on)
  3. Jewellery stand and jewellery
  4. Some books I want to read and my kindle
  5. Three of my house plants from home
  6. My camera
  7. My laptop
  8. An Ethernet cable and multiport adaptor (my room only has internet, not wifi)
  9. External DVD player and DVD’s
  10. Two reed diffusers (I may not be allowed to have candles but it doesn’t mean I don’t want my room to smell nice)
  11. My childhood teddy (In case of feeling homesick)
  12. Clothes
  13. Some storage boxes
  14. An extension lead
  15. My makeup and storage for it
  16. Door stop (recommended by everyone to help flatmates feel welcome during fresher’s week)
  17. A yoga mat


  1. Refill notebooks
  2. Pens
  3. Mechanical pencils
  4. Fountain pen (I was given this as a gift and I want to try and utilise it)
  5. Celotape
  6. Ruler
  7. Black ring binder (one for each module)
  8. Black document wallet (To take to lectures so I don’t have to lug around all my folders)
  9. Eraser
  10. Post it notes
  11. Highlighters
  12. Coloured pens
  13. My Bullet journal and accompanying pens (How I attempt to organise my life)
  14. Desk organiser
  15. Paper tray
  16. Calculator (I study a science course so this is necessary for me)
  17. Hole punch
  18. Printer (To avoid having to go to the library every time I need to print something

Essential documentation:

  1. Passport
  2. NUS card
  3. NHS number
  4. NI number and documentation from previous job
  5. Driving license (Not for driving but as a form of photo ID)
  6. My uni ID
  7. Passport photos (For joining societies etc.)


  1. Soap nuts (eco-friendly laundry essential, I’ve never used them but I am very interested to try)
  2. Laundry basket
  3. Bike and accessories (I’m not actually taking this in the car with me but rather picking it up when I am there)
  4. Backpack (Bag I will take to lectures, tutorials etc. with me)
  5. Two more bags (For other bag needing ventures)
  6. A hot water bottle (Uni rooms are known for being cold)

Things I will probably buy when I am there:

  1. An airier
  2. Cleaning products
  3. Food
  4. Any clothes I haven’t brought that I feel I may need
  5. Two text books (I wasn’t going to get them until I was there but a family friend just finished a course very similar to mine and was selling the textbooks at a reasonable price so I brought them)

I may have forgotten to include some of the things on my list as almost everything is packed, but you still get the gist. I think it will be interesting to do a little review at the end of the year, seeing what I did and didn’t use and what I forgot.

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