Zero waste swaps I’ve made so far

I first heard about the zero waste lifestyle a couple of month ago and was instantly fascinated with the concept as it resonated so well with my current beliefs and morals. I didn’t want to ‘dive straight in’ and change my whole lifestyle overnight because that would come as too much of a shock to my system and would make it less sustainable for me. So I decided to change things quite slowly so my lifestyle could evolve in a more natural way.

Here are a list of the zero waste swaps I have made so far (that I can remember!):

  • I swapped a plastic disposable razor for a beautiful and sturdy looking metal one that should last me a life time
  • I switched from a plastic water bottle to a metal one
  • Instead of plastic freezer bags I have switched to glass tupperware and silicon bags
  • Instead of cling film I have switched to some soy wax wraps
  • Instead of plastic carrier bags I have switched to cloth tote bags (which when they have a pattern on look far more aesthetically pleasing than carrier bags)
  • Instead of the plastic produce bags I use cloth ones (these can also be used for freezing things like bread)
  • Instead of disposable cotton rounds I have got reusable ones that you can just wash
  • Instead of face wipes I now use cleanser with a cotton flannel
  • For laundry I have brought soap nuts to try out (though I haven’t had to do any laundry yet so I don’t know if I like them yet)

These are just the things that I can remember, I am sure there are some more that I have forgotten. As well as these swaps I’ve also been trying to do things like when I do buy packaged goods, opt for the least amount of packaging/ one that is biodegradable or is the best option for recycling. In addition to this I’ve been trying to buy more of my clothes second hand and doing things like cycling/walking instead of using some kind of a motorised vehicle.

I’ve still got lots more things that I want to improve upon, but so far I am really enjoying this journey and it doesn’t really feel like a hassle or inconvenience to me as it is something I am genuinely passionate about and I look forward to exploring this way of life further.

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