I’ve always found talking about myself strange. I don’t mean writing about things that have happened to me or expressing my opinions in some form. I’m talking about things like sitting in a circle in primary school and sharing a “fun fact” about myself. Or doing those annoying ice breaker exercises where you have to sum yourself up in one word. Or even trying to “sell myself” in the form or a CV or a personal statement when applying to uni. I just find it such a peculiar thing to do, I mean you are literally asking me to summarise my entire existence and what makes me me in one word. How on earth am I meant to do that?! Really I haven’t lived for that long and there are so many things I have yet to experience and so many things that I have experience so how could I even contemplate summing that up to you when really I have no idea who I am, maybe I never will. Life is complicated. We are complicated. Lets not try to downplay it.